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Digital Email archiving

Digital E-mail archiving  provides easy-to-use corporate email archiving, enabling you to archive all internal and external mail. This allows you to provide users with easy, centralized access to past emails via a web-based search interface and the ability to quickly restore emails through a one click restore process

Access emails from any location through a browser. Our system allows users to access their emails from anywhere in the world by using a browser. Emails that had been deleted may also be seen (and restored).

One click Restore a single email to a mailbox. By simply clicking on a button, the user or the administrator can restore an email to a user’s inbox in its original format. Te system restores any archived email (even deleted email) and these are resent to the user as an attachment.

Why choose our service?
Provide end-users with a single, web-based location in which to search and restore past emails through a one click restore.
Increase the performance and ease backup and restoration
Significantly reduce storage requirements for email by up to 80%
Also aids you to easily fulfill regulatory email storage requirements

Serice prices
Setup 60 USD and 30 USD anually for 2GB e-mail Backup.

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